Cozy Glade in Beech Forest
Cozy Glade in Beech Forest

Open roof bedroom

About this listing

Welcome to this colorful beech forest in southern Sweden. Whether you’re looking for an activity, or a relaxed stay, this place has what you need. Go for long walks and exercise in the built-in-gym, or just kick back in your glade and listen to the birds. In this charming glade you can stop to smell the wild flowers and enjoy some well- deserved peace and quiet. Wake up to the birds singing and the wind brushing against your face.

The space
Accommodates: Everyone
Bathrooms: Anywhere
Bedrooms: Outside
Bed type: Natural
Beds: Unlimited
Check In: Whenever
Check Out: 1-2 days later
Room type: Open-plan

Family/kid friendly
Wild Pets
Natural Heating (May-August)
Panoramic Terrace
Real Air Conditioning

The easiest way to get here is either by car, bus or train from Ängelholm to Skälderviken. And if you’re a spa-person, the lake Västersjön is just around the corner. Keep an eye on the sorrel around the glade. They’re known as the barometer of the forest and if the leaves are folded, expect rain.

House Rules
Our only ask is that you’re being mindful of the nature and neighbors – just like in any other home. The things you leave behind are your footsteps, and the things you take with you are memories.

365 days a year
Check In



I was born along Rönne å. It was here my dad and me used to fish for perch and pike from the bridge that my grandfather helped building. Meandering through farmland and forest, this river took me and my canoe on some great adventures. I still return for wild camping trips, only this time my canoe is loaded with friends, food and drinks.


I have traveled wide and far in my life, and I’ve spent most of my time in nature. When I get home from my journeys, Rönne å is the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful Swedish nature. It’s the natural choice for me when I want to get away for a while. It’s not that far away, but it gives you the peace and quiet you need after an intense week. Sometimes I take the kayak out or go for a long walk along the river. The amazing nature and wildlife you can experience here is truly something out of the ordinary.

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Sweden • Joined in January 2017

Allemansrätten – or the freedom to roam – is a principle protected by Swedish law that gives all people the right to be free in Swedish nature. In other words, Swedish nature isn’t just a piece of land with trees and lakes and cliffs – it’s a home with all the necessities and amenities that any great home should have. It’s a place where you can eat berries from the ground, sleep under the stars, swim in the lakes and roam freely. To make this home available for everyone, Sweden has listed the entire country on Airbnb.

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