Rustic Forest Retreat in Vintage Style
Rustic Forest Retreat in Vintage Style

Open roof bedroom

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This historic and mysterious forest in western Värmland offers high quality accommodation and a memorable stay. Go to bed with the midnight sky above your head and if you can’t fall asleep, try counting the stars. It usually helps! In the fall there are wild mushrooms that you’ll enjoy foraging – from August to November you’ll find a lot of delicious chanterelles on the ground.

The space
Accommodates: Everyone
Bathrooms: Anywhere
Bedrooms: Outside
Bedtype: Natural
Beds: Unlimited
Check In: Whenever
Check Out: 1-2 days later
Room Type: Open-plan

Family/kid friendly
Wild Pets
Real Air Conditioning
Natural Heating (May-August)

Welcome to a vintage styled paradise furnished with lots of antiques – the perfect accommodation for both couples and families. It’s located in the heart of Värmland, and just a 25-minute car ride away from Båtstad. This is an amazing and enchanting place to experience the freedom to roam.

House Rules
Our only ask is that you’re being mindful of the nature and neighbors – just like in any other home. The things you leave behind are your footsteps, and the things you take with you are memories.

365 days a year
Check In



Whenever I want to experience a really old spruce forest and just enjoy the animals and nature, I go to Båtstadknallen. Here, I am surrounded by 300-year-old trees and with a little bit of luck, I could also meet some of the curious inhabitants of the natural old-growth forest, the Siberian Jay for example.


It’s a very special feeling wandering around in a really old forest. The scraggy branches draped with hanging lichen embrace you and the soft moss on the ground hugs your feet. Suddenly you hear a peep from within a pine tree. Where is that from? Your eyes wander and suddenly you look straight into a pair of sharp, yellow eyes. That’s the Eurasian Pygmy owl peeking out from her little nest. She peers back at you for a couple of seconds until she disappears into the hole to feed her babies. A nice little encounter with one of the inhabitants of the forest!

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Sweden • Joined in January 2017

Allemansrätten – or the freedom to roam – is a principle protected by Swedish law that gives all people the right to be free in Swedish nature. In other words, Swedish nature isn’t just a piece of land with trees and lakes and cliffs – it’s a home with all the necessities and amenities that any great home should have. It’s a place where you can eat berries from the ground, sleep under the stars, swim in the lakes and roam freely. To make this home available for everyone, Sweden has listed the entire country on Airbnb.

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